!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC «-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN» «http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd»>
<title>local webview</title>
<link rel=»stylesheet» type=»text/css» href=»../test.css» />
<script type=»text/javascript» src=»../jquery-1.3.2.js»></script>
<meta name=»format-detection» content=»telephone=no»/>
<body id=»mybody» style=»height:500px;background-color:#999;background-image:url(../images/bg.png)»>
Hello from local webview. You should see an indicator in the middle and my text should be blue.
We are also including JQuery
<div id=»foo» style=»margin-top:20px;font-weight:bold»>hello </div>
<img alt=»an image» src=»» id=»image»/>
Titanium.API.info(‘before image’);
Titanium.API.info(«JSON injection: «+JSON.stringify([‘foo’,’bar’]));
var i = new Image();
Titanium.API.info(‘image ‘ + i);
window.my_global_variable = 10;
Ti.App.addEventListener(‘image’, function(d)
var path = d.path;
Ti.API.info(‘RECEIVED PATH ‘ + path)
document.getElementById(‘image’).src = path;
Ti.API.info(«removeEventListener: a=»+e.a);
Ti.API.debug(‘log statement here’);
$(‘#foo’).html(«Click Me to Hide the Toolbar»);
// you can use either onclick or ontouchstart — if you use onclick
// and have a click on the webview instance you’ll need to hold down the
// webview area for a 1/2 second to trigger it … ontouchstart is immediate
// both work but ontouchstart makes it appear immediate and don’t make you think the
// test isn’t working
document.getElementById(«foo»).ontouchstart = function()
Ti.API.info(«clicked on local_webview link»);

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